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Stelia Aerospace

Stelia Aerospace improves product design and drives sales by partnering with Lumiscaphe to create 3D Visualization and Virtual Reality tools and solutions. The collaboration has been going on since 2011.

As a global manufacturer of executive class aeronautical interiors, Stelia faces a complicated web of problems. Cabin styling, design, and comfort are critical components of an airline’s brand image. To stand out from their competition, airlines invest heavily in these cabin interiors and as such have very high expectations in design and presentation. Stelia must make the non-existent cabin interiors real for their customers. They must be able to see and experience Stelia’s market-leading concepts, and their variations, even though the cabin interiors do not physically exist.

Remote collaboration

Stelia’s engineers and designers rely upon Lumiscaphe’s 3D technologies and solutions to bring their ideas to life in Virtual Reality. Also, they are able to collaborate and explore design concepts in real-time and at scale. Patchwork 3D gives designers the ability to find new inspiration as they explore their ideas in real -time 3D. Accel VR brings that inspiration to life in Virtual Reality, whether in head-mounted displays or CAVEs. The addition of CADTools for Accel VR gives Stelia’s designers the tools to shape and mold their creations, all in real-time and in Virtual Reality.

As a global company, communication and collaboration have become a serious challenge for Stelia. With stakeholders spread around the world, it is difficult to bring together all team members and facilitate effective communication. Stelia relies upon Lumis 3D, Lumiscaphe’s collaboration platform, to bring together members from around the world to share and exchange 3D design assets, enhancing the speed, economies, and quality of collaborative design.

Sales support tools

So, in pre-sales, Stelia’s sales and marketing teams rely upon Lumiscaphe technology for visually stunning 3D visualizations and interactive experiences, both in Virtual and Augmented Realities. Being able to see and experience Stelia’s superiority in cabin design and comfort drives sales by engaging the customer in an emotional and intellectual experience.

Moreover, real-time 3D visualization and Virtual Reality become critical to finalizing orders. Customization and modification of airplane interiors are the crucial final step in Stelia’s order process. Stelia’s engineers and designers must collaborate with the customer, communicating design modifications, variations, and options. This, even when the members are spread around the globe. Lumis 3D provides the on-line backbone for data and Augmented Reality collaboration and Accel VR allows members from around the world to come together and collaborate in Virtual Reality.

To conclude, for Stelia, Lumiscaphe’s technology and custom solutions have become mission-critical tools to drive design and sales. These tools are used at every stage of Stelia’s product life cycle, from conception and design through to sales and marketing.

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