A 3D configurator at Zodiac - Lumiscaphe

A great testimonial from Zodiac!

The world-renowned French group, Zodiac Nautic, builder of inflatable and RIB boats for more than 125 years, has launched its 3D configurator on its website. This tool allows the final customer to customize and visualize the final product. 

It is also an excellent sales support for resellers who can configure the product in front of a customer. It helps to visualize the diversity of the offer and accessories, and this, more easily than on paper catalog.

Initially, the 3D configurator was mainly implemented for the Zodiac brand, then gradually for the Bombard brand.

Here’s an introduction… The best thing is to let Zodiac talk about it.

Zodiac’s testimony also shows that support for this type of project is a real added value. 

As you can see, the implementation of a 3D configurator has generated many advantages for the group, in terms of sales, but also in terms of understanding the offer internally.

The fact that it is upgradeable allows Zodiac to adapt the tool to its needs. 

Also, we can see that this tool is very helpful for the boating sector.

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