About us - Lumiscaphe

Who are we?

Founded in 2001, by IT enthusiasts who wanted to help industries in their daily lives, thanks to real-time photorealistic 3D rendering.

Located in Paris, Bordeaux, Shanghai, and Osaka, Lumiscaphe distributes its solutions in direct contact with its customers and through a network of certified partners.

Lumiscaphe is the publisher of a software suite that enriches CAD data with a description of the final visual aspect, then allows their use by design, engineering, marketing and sales teams, in particular through innovative and differentiating sales tools (immersive solution, online/offline solution…).

Lumiscaphe attaches particular importance to research and development work in the field of photorealistic real-time 3D rendering.

The R&D and Innovation teams are made up of enthusiasts, coming from IT training specializing in the image, virtual reality, multimedia and software engineering.

Why “Lumiscaphe”?

Lumo means “the light”

Scaphos means “the transport”

Our initials

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Coding brackets

Our core business

Develop applications & software

Cube in perspective

Our field of specialization

3D and Virtual Reality

Comets crossing the sky

Our etymological origin

The light transport

Winged pixel

Our main strength

The speed of real-time 3D rendering

Built inside a hexagon

Reliability and robustness

Made In France

Serving Industry

Lumiscaphe is an editor and integrator of software solutions in the field of Digital Aspect Modeling (DAM) and photorealistic real-time 3D rendering. These solutions save costs and delays and create value for industries.

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