A 3D model of an autonomous electric vehicle, a showcase of our expertise - Lumiscaphe

A 3D model of an autonomous electric vehicle, a showcase of our expertise

We asked our team of 3D computer graphics designers at the Studio to create a 3D model of an autonomous electric vehicle named “Robotaxi” that is user-friendly and designed for urban mobility.

The purpose of this project was twofold. Firstly, we aimed to create an internal 3D reference model to test and utilize all functionalities of our software suite. Secondly, we wanted to showcase our 3D expertise to the public by creating a model that we have full rights to exploit and distribute.

In order to design Robotaxi, we followed design methods commonly used in the automotive industry. We started with brainstorming sessions to come up with creative ideas and conducted research to identify future trends and user needs. We then used 2D sketches in Photoshop and sketch modeling in Blender to explore various concepts and shapes.

The research sketches presented below showcase our creative approach and meticulous attention to detail.

Decisive sketches used to develop the Robotaxi EV concept.

Next, we moved on to 3D surface modeling using NURBS/Rhino, which allowed us to create a model that closely resembled the intended user experience. Finally, we conducted design reviews in Patchwork 3D to obtain feedback and refine the model.

During the design process, we had to overcome various challenges including lightness, quality, realism, feasibility, modularity, passenger space, safety, and traffic regulation.

We wanted to showcase Lumiscaphe’s expertise by creating a visually stunning and realistic vehicle that allows prospects to envision their own models.

At the end of this rigorous work, we succeeded in creating an innovative and efficient model that meets all of our objectives.

Here’s the Robotaxi 3D model in an HDRI environment, bringing the sketches to life.

We hope that by sharing the behind-the-scenes design of our Robotaxi, we have stirred your interest.

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