A great Nintendo for the end-of-year project! - Lumiscaphe

A great Nintendo for the end-of-year project!

Congratulations to Marion Lutigneaux, Aurélien Berthomier, Ashwin Suresh, Pragya Sethia, product designers and to Delphine Bouchard responsible for all the visual communication, imaging and 3D of this superb project!

The students at ISD-Rubika have come up with a colorful Nintendo for their end-of-year project! For the construction of their project, and their presentation movie, the group used Patchwork 3D.

Lumiscaphe is a partner of the School of Design within the framework of its Lumi’School program. As a reminder, the ISD-Rubika doesn’t have to prove its value anymore since it has been collecting flippers and prizes of all kinds for more than 30 years!

The work of this group of students also shows that the school is scouting for talent!

Here are some images of the final rendering of their project, which allowed them to obtain the Digital Designer diploma.