Collaboration with EFREI - Lumiscaphe

A new partnership with EFREI

Since September, we have been the sponsors of the 70 M1 and M2 students of the major IVR (Imagery and Virtual Reality) of EFREI Paris. The digital engineering school is ranked 3rd by the Usine Nouvelle.

This partnership aims to bring our professional expertise and industry knowledge to EFREI engineering students. As well as develop our reputation with potential developers.

Thomas Bidaud, the Android developer at Lumiscaphe, is a graduate and interns regularly enrich the Issy-Les-Moulineaux team.

After the demonstrations of augmented reality, virtual reality, and our configurators, during Talent Day where we met potential trainees, we are preparing to meet the L3 on January 7 and 8 to show the possible professional opportunities at the IRV.

The school has also signed a new generation Lumi’School contract. It’s not a question of training designers but of developing a real customer case study with the students: from the identification of customer needs to the delivery and integration of Lumiscaphe solutions.

A beautiful educational project that will involve several Lumiscaphe talents and highlight its value chain. Start of courses: mid-February 2020.

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