Dongfeng Luxgen - Lumiscaphe

Dongfeng Luxgen

Dongfeng Luxgen of Nazhijie Automobile Co. Ltd. has been cooperating with Lumiscaphe since 2011.

Both parties first worked on the main objective of introducing the most advanced real-time immersive interactive technology into the design process, implemented by internationally renowned car manufacturers. Then, they jointly developed and cooperated on the three models officially published by the brand.

The Dongfeng Luxgen design process was developed from the original Sketch modeling concept, and Alias data processing was performed by the modeling room.

The colors and Materials department began to carry out data collection and style production based on preliminary design proposals. The results of this phase were put into CATIA data work after the initial internal leadership approval.

Lumiscaphe participated in the company’s project, including the first models of the brand’s high-end minivans. And the MPV / and SUV models that were released in early 2011.

And Saden (S3) will be officially launched in 2012.

The design and development of the three models above are the results of the full cooperation of Lumiscaphe and Dongfeng Luxgen for complete technical capabilities.

The client also conducted a formal investment evaluation for the use of Lumiscaphe solutions, confirming the real effect and design improvement in terms of cost and time savings brought about by the introduction of Patchwork 3D in the company.