EDNA - Lumiscaphe


For 32 years, the École de Design Nantes Atlantique has been involved in the professionalization of the creative professions, the economic development of design, the promotion of design as an innovation process, not forgetting the impact of CSR.

Not less than 17 awards have been won in Design (2017), the school trains 1500 students per year on different campuses, also internationally.

We support students in Transport Design and Product Design specialization in the handling of our solutions.

Product Design students are trained in the design of design and capital goods, whether they are intended for industrial or more craft-based manufacturing.

Transportation Design offers training in the design of any means of transporting goods and goods or people.

Patchwork 3D rendering, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality staging with Accel VR, and sharing of work with Lumis 3D allow students to showcase their work.

Each student benefits from Patchwork 3D during his studies and from a Lumis 3D space.