EFREI - Lumiscaphe


An engineering school in computer science and digital technologies, EFREI is proud to uphold the values of Demanding, Agility, Creativity, Proximity, and Solidarity.

We share them with them, also we, sponsors of the major IRV (Imaging and Virtual Reality) since September 2019.

This is a first for Lumiscaphe, which until now was rather a partner of design schools.

We are committed to EFREI to promote the use of 3D, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in professional environments other than video games.

Thus, we are happy to share our experiences in the industry we know well.

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We offer Master 1 students a pedagogical path that includes customer case simulations. We bring students to reflect on topics such as needs analysis, deployments, deliverables, with a focus on integration into the customer’s industrial and digital suite.

Our 360° format allows students to better situate their added value in the entire process of digitizing industrial processes.

We are pleased to bring a professional dimension to an academic program as solid as the one offered by EFREI, ranked 3rd post-baccalaureate engineering school according to Usine Nouvelle.

Nicolas Flasque

“Lumiscaphe, sponsor of the Imaging and Virtual Reality (IVR) major at EFREI PARIS, provides our students with a professional dimension that is essential to their engineering studies.
Through the realization of a customer case study project in digital simulation, with technologies from the professional world, Lumiscaphe shares with our students its relevant vision of the uses and market of the IVR technologies.”

Nicolas Flasque, Teacher and Head of the Image and Virtual Reality Major, EFREI