Internal Seminar - October 9-10, 2019 - Lumiscaphe

Internal Seminar – 9th & 10th of October

There are not only external events that count for Lumiscaphe, but there are also internal actions! Here is a short summary of a seminar, bringing together all Lumiscaphe teams at the head office in Bordeaux.

The opportunity for Japanese, Chinese and French employees to meet each other!

The main objective was to exchange and discuss what Lumiscaphe needed to develop to offer the best to its customers. Some ideas have emerged, and you will discover some of them in the next releases of our Software Suite…

Escape Game

And because after thinking about how to find improvements for our customers, our teams needed entertainment, they got together for a little “Escape Game” activity! Finally, our teams like to think about it…

Lumiscaphe's teams