Permanent exhibition of Lumiscaphe solutions at Le Pavillon - Lumiscaphe

Permanent exhibition of Lumiscaphe solutions at Le Pavillon

To support startups and established companies in the new world of immersive technologies, Antilogy selected Lumiscaphe technology to permanently exhibit at Paris’s Le Pavillon.

Located in Paris, Le Pavillon aims to support companies in the new world of immersive technologies encompassing virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). Created by immersive technology evangelist Antilogy and sponsored by the incubator and innovation accelerator NUMA, this exhibition provides a platform for companies to better understand and experience the future of immersive technologies.

To explain the partnership with Antilogy, we sat down with Christophe Clavé, Country Manager at Lumiscaphe.

Lumiscaphe: How did Lumiscaphe come into contact with Antilogy?
Christophe Clavé: Ms. Gobin Mignot, co-founder of the startup Antilogy at the initiative of Le Pavillon came into contact with us at the Laval Virtual 2018 show in April.

Lumiscaphe: What was the context of this meeting?
Christophe Clavé: At the time of the show, Antilogy was looking for partners to expand its offer, it is in this context that Ms. Gobin Mignot offered to expose our technologies to Le Pavillon.

Lumiscaphe: What was the nature of the collaboration?
Christophe Clavé: Lumiscaphe believes in the added value of augmented reality and virtual reality in engineering, marketing, and sales. Exhibiting permanently at Le Pavillon seemed inevitable to help it in its mission of virtual reality evangelization.
More specifically, we provided Le Pavillon several licenses for virtual reality visualization software compatible with the HTC Vive headset and took care of the installation and start-up of our software.

Want to discover and try out our virtual reality 3D solutions at Le Pavillon? A young and dynamic team will be happy to assist you in your virtual reality experimentation.

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