3D technologies and collaboration tools at Stelia Aerospace

3D technologies and collaboration tools at Stelia Aerospace

Stelia Aerospace explains how Lumiscaphe 3D solutions and VR technologies are indispensable in the marketing and sales of airplane interiors.

3D Visualization and Virtual Reality experiences have become mission-critical tools in the sales process of airplane interiors. In this video, Stelia Aerospace’s Jacques Debouchaud, Head of Research and Innovation – Interior Cabins, and Loïc Soleil from the Engineering Department teach us how Lumiscaphe’s software and custom solutions have become indispensable tools in their product design and sales process. 

Lumiscaphe delivers tools for Stelia to create 3D Visualizations, as well as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences for collaboration and design verification across teams and around the world. Airplane cabins are complex and expensive to physically prototype. Stelia tells us how Lumiscaphe’s tools and custom solutions broke the bonds of physical prototyping, allowing them to be more creative and nimble in communicating with customers and remote teams. 

Lumiscaphe software and solutions have become indispensable to Stelia’s design and sales process. Hear about it directly from Stelia (available in French with English, Japanese and Chinese Subtitles). 

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