Flashback on the week in Shanghai - April 15-19, 2019 - Lumiscaphe

One week in Shanghai

We were in Shanghai from the 15th to the 19th of April for three successful events!

This year again, we were a partner and we participated in the 2019 Car Design Night Shanghai organized by Car Design News and it was a real pleasure! Our team has been able to present our solutions to almost 400 car designers, beautiful meetings!

We took advantage of this show and week to organize a User event. The occasion for us, to provide a complete description of our development and our vision, but also to present the last technologies.

Finally, we put in place an event dedicated to our Resellers, who are very important and develop a lot our activity in the Chinese market.

It was a huge success and we would like to thank all the participants! As well as our partner X-Rite for their participation and for welcoming us in their offices, for the organization of our joint events!

Thanks again to everybody!