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Photorealistic 3D revolutionizes automotive marketing thanks to Lumiscaphe and Prata Bruno Design

Lumiscaphe launches a suite of innovative marketing tools for the automotive industry with the Speedster model designed by Prata Bruno Design

[Bordeaux, 2023-11-08] – Lumiscaphe, a pioneering SME offering photorealistic real-time 3D visualization solutions, is partnering with renowned design studio, Prata Bruno Design, to present a major milestone in automotive marketing innovation.
Lumiscaphe introduces an innovative suite of 3D-based marketing tools, specifically designed for marketers in the automotive industry.
This partnership aims to create a realistic 3D model of a superb Speedster electric car, which can be configured in a single or two-seater version. This model is inspired by the Prato Orage supercar, taking advantage of the remarkable design of Prata Bruno Design, a design studio praised by automotive media such as Auto Moto, Cars of the Legend, and l’Argus.
Lumiscaphe offers automotive marketing professionals the opportunity to test its suite of marketing tools using the 3D model of the “Speedster”.

Lumiscaphe’s flagship software, Patchwork 3D, which specializes in photorealistic renderings, played a central role in the two companies’ partnership. The 3D model designed in Autodesk Alias was enriched by the addition of photorealistic elements (lights, materials, environment, effects, etc.), staging (cameras, animations, triggers), and configurable rendering to serve as a reference example.

Thanks to this exceptional collaboration, marketing professionals in the automotive industry now have the unique opportunity to test this solution by manipulating the Speedster directly on the online configurator. Those wishing to do so can repeat the entire enrichment process from the CAD files to the final 3D model ready for marketing use. All necessary files are available for download.

Illustrations, visuals, and logos relating to this collaboration are available here.

To discover and preview this innovative marketing tool solution, we invite you to visit the website

Visual generated from the automotive marketing tools suite.


Lumiscaphe online configurator of the Speedster:

Auto Moto (2019, August 28): Prato Orage: Thunderclap among supercars

Cars of the Legend (2022): Prato Orage, passion above all

L’Argus (2022, September 5): The new French car manufacturers are attacking the market.

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Prata Bruno Design is a design studio renowned for its creativity and expertise in the field of transport design and product design. The studio also works on various projects, ranging from furniture and interior design to larger projects such as commercial spaces and architectural concepts. Founded by Prata Bruno, the studio is distinguished by its innovative approach and attention to detail. Prata Bruno Design’s creations often combine modern and traditional elements, creating unique pieces that captivate the eye and the imagination. Prata Bruno Design stimulates and helps companies move forward with ambitious visions for the future. Thanks to its passion for innovation and ability to push conventional design’s limits, Prata Bruno Design has become a key player in the world of contemporary design and has gained international recognition.