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Siemens PLM Software

We recently contracted with Lumiscaphe to develop a VR video of a futuristic autonomous car. To showcase the power of Siemens engineering software at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

From July 12 to 15, 2018, during the famous Goodwood Festival of Speed (FoS) in the United Kingdom, Siemens PLM Software shared its vision of the autonomous car.

Siemens wanted to demonstrate the future way of life in an autonomous car. This, by experiencing a virtual reality immersion. For this purpose, Siemens was looking for a service provider to achieve its vision.

Lumiscaphe was proud to bring them its expertise in VR integration and in high-quality real-time rendering.

For Edward Bernardon, three fundamental pillars need to be brought together: Affordability, Experience, and Adap­tability.

“With hands and minds free from the wheel we will seek to be occupied and come to ex­pect an experience that is customized to our desires”

For Lumiscaphe, the challenge was to build a VR experience for four users in a collaborative mode that integrates all of Siemens’ desiderata.

Lumiscaphe developed a solution that synchronized four HTC Vive® headsets at the same time so that the users could see each other with a funny avatar. An autonomous car offers the benefit of not driving but to spend a good time during travel.

Indeed, Lumiscaphe provided a packaged so­lution. The creation of the VR expe­rience, the setup of the booth, and the support during the event. Siemens was so enthusiastic by the welcoming of the visitors that they plan to use our solution again for the next automotive shows.

“Although we were under a tight schedule and production required the coordination of numerous groups globally. Lumiscaphe performed beyond our expectations, both creatively and technically, for on-time high-quality delivery. “

Testimonial by Edward Bernardon, Vice President, Strategic Automotive Initiatives at Siemens PLM Software.