Launch of the Software Suite v2019 - March 6, 2019 - Lumiscaphe

Launch of the Software Suite v2019

The new 2019 version of our Software Suite is available!

The new 2019 version of our Software Suite is available! Come and discover all the new features and opportunities!

This new version offers new possibilities, with a user-friendly interface!


New home screen

Find your saved models with one click or create rendering from the database new selection, from Patchwork 3D 2019 latest home screen!

@Ecran d'accueil

Material Editor improvement

This new version includes a roughness map. Make your models even more realistic, by adding texture on your materials to control the reflection roughness, the surface’s appearance… with unique material. In addition, the material interface editor has been improved for easier use.

@Roughness Map

New feature

A new non-destructive method of set creation has been incorporated, offering two options: using our new method or staying with the previous mode of creating groups by surfaces fusion (which you can still find in the Surfaces Menu). Please note, the new feature saves all the properties of each surface, whereas the previous feature does not.


Updated importers

Finally, to best meet the design needs, importers were updated, so the latest CAD files versions are supported.



Virtual Sight NextGen becomes Accel VR and pushes furthermore the limits of Virtual Reality while simplifying its use.

A rendering engine enhanced

With Accel VR 2019, visualize your prototype with a stunning rendering! Improvement of the rendering engine allows better performance whatever system you are using: CAVE, powerwall or virtual reality headset …

@Vice Controller

UX improvements

To ease the user journey, we’ve simplified the user interface with new icons, new features, a simplified mode for viewing with headsets, and a new display mode of the interaction menu for powerwall and CAVE… The experience becomes more intuitive.


“Move and Act” system

Two interaction systems are available, for a one or two-handed use. The two-handed system « Move and Act » provides all the tools which are directly assigned to the controllers push buttons for you to select from.

@Move and Act VR

New tool of measures

No need to get back to Patchwork 3D Design software to get measurements on your models, Accel VR 2019 lets you measure distances and angles with the controllers.

@Angle Measure VR

An easier installation

Project reviews in CAVE never were so fast. A new feature allows a semi-automatic installation of intervening entities. Input less information manually, and get more efficient in the set up of your demonstrations.


Because sharing ideas is important to make your projects move forward, Lumis 3D 2019 is evolving to offer more opportunities.

Multi platforms

Our technology is deployed on multiple platforms. Exchange, annotate, comment the Digital Aspect Mockup from a computer or a Mac, a smartphone or a tablet, on the internet or intranet.

Your presentations become interactive, and you let your customers personalize his project from a tablet or a kiosk.

@Lumis 3D
@Lumis 3D Ipad

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