Software Suite v2020.1 release - Lumiscaphe

Software Suite v2020.1 release

A new version of the Lumiscaphe’s Software Suite is finally available! The release 2020.1 is synonymous with time-saving, more freedom, and many improvements for everyone!

Patchwork 3D 

The stitching workshop

This new feature allows you to interactively create stitch paths and view the final rendering in real-time. As you will have understood, this feature is synonymous with time-saving. Two modes are available to you, “free stitching” which allows you to place stitches as you wish and the mode “stitching following the border”, in two clicks your stitch is done! All you have to do is choose the size, the position as you wish and the desired material. 

Coupled with the unfolding workshop, working on soft materials is very simple and very efficient!

Primitive edition

You now have the ability to edit primitives in Patchwork 3D in real-time. Modify their properties, such as the proportions and scale of your elements. This new feature is very useful for primitives used for the creation of scenery.

Floating 3D view

Here again, a new feature that will save you time! You can now have multiple windows, including across multiple displays, that allow you to see in real-time on Matter the changes you make in Shaper. Combined with the editing of primitives, creating a set has never been easier with these floating 3D views!


In this new version 2020.1, you will have the opportunity to beta-test a new feature giving you more freedom, scripting!


With the scripting console, you will now be able to automate certain tasks in our Patchwork 3D software, such as the creation of “Tournette”, material variants, lighting… 

Accel VR

Improvement of collaborative tools

This new version of our visualization software gives you more freedom and facilitates team project review. With the “Connect Peers” function, you can now manually set up the network configuration to work with your collaborators, regardless of their location. Your teams will then be able to more easily exchange on the model and show in real-time and virtual reality the elements to be reviewed.