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Studio Divine

The great advantage of Patchwork 3D is undeniably its speed of execution and real-time visualization.

At Studiodivine, we specialize in product design for the watch industry. We also work on branding, communication, and sourcing.

Launched in Switzerland in 2005, Studiodivine is a multidisciplinary design agency and I have been developing its 3D department dedicated to modeling, rendering, and animation for 8 years.

Our crucial phase is prototyping. We need to be reactive and to be able to propose prototypes to our clients quickly. The physical prototyping phase is unfortunately long and expensive. And rather than waiting weeks to obtain physical prototypes, we can, thanks to Patchwork 3D Design, quickly present to our customer the whole virtual collection in its smallest details and validate the products.

As competing systems required too many resources in terms of pre-calculated rendering and time, we opted for Patchwork 3D with the UV unfolding option, the software I had already worked with during my studies at the Institut Supérieur de Design de Valenciennes.

The great advantage of Patchwork 3D is undeniably its speed of execution and real-time visualization. You very quickly obtain a precise 360° visualization of the finished product. Moreover, thanks to the integrated Rhinoceros import, we avoid long export/import steps.


Patchwork 3D Design integrates perfectly into our creative process. After the designer’s work, we create the 3D model that we integrate directly into Patchwork 3D thanks to the Rhino import plugin in order to validate it, especially regarding volumes.

Once the piece is validated internally, we prepare visuals with materials and finishes to present to the client.

Finally, when the product is validated we use the renderings produced with Patchwork 3D Design to generate visuals or animations for communication, both internally and externally.

Patchwork 3D Design meets all our requirements.
within the agency.

Testimonial by Aurélien Groussin, Manager of the Digital Design department at Studiodivine, Switzerland.