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Release of Software Suite 2020.2

The 2020.2 release of our software suite is now available!

This new version brings significant improvements to Patchwork 3D and Accel VR software, optimizing the user experience.

Patchwork 3D


In general, Patchwork 3D is undergoing strong evolutions for all imports, such as a new UI with the set of parameters for each new import, the possibility to group surfaces by hierarchy and color, and the memorization of the last parameters used by the file format.

Acis imports are particularly improving. Users will be able to see optimization and gain in speed thanks to a reduction in the number of surfaces when importing. This is due to better treatment of the merging of surfaces and respect of the hierarchy and colors of the original CAD file.

Preparation work in Shaper and Matter is simplified by importing surface colors into Shaper.

The creation of materials in Matter from colors assigned to surfaces in the imported file makes the work easier for the user. In fact, he can find now his organization created in his original file. For example, assigning a new material in Matter will be much easier if the user has applied color codes according to the elements of his model (in the CAD file).

To import in .fbx format, support for Japanese special characters is now integrated.
Also new is the ability to automatically apply imported materials from a model to all Matter products. This saves preparation time since it eliminates steps in the preparation process.


This release also offers improvements for .fbx exports (Enterprise version only). Indeed, the user now has a common menu between Shaper and Matter. He can also choose to integrate materials and textures directly in the .fbx file or to export them separately.
The .fbx export has also been improved since the user can now choose to export the hierarchy of the kinematic tree or geometry layers.

Scripting Python and Scaling

Finally, more facilities and possibilities for the user thanks to the scaling with a new gizmo, which allows modifying the scale of the model (or surface) in a few clicks. The scaling can be used to distort the geometry in order to test model variants.
Python Scripting (Enterprise version only) allows us to automate operations in order to facilitate the process. But also to drive Patchwork 3D without opening the software. It also allows (among other things) to organize geometries in the hierarchy according to criteria given by the user, the creation of materials, lighting…

Accel VR


The inter-ocular distance has been added to this new version of the software. Initialized with the helmet’s default value, the latter can however be modified in the dedicated field.

A new speed parameter is available in the Turntables feature.

When changing configurations, users now have the ability to choose whether or not to recalculate local environments accordingly. This last feature greatly enhances realism in immersive environments, thanks in particular to the reflections that will perfectly represent the visualized scene.

Finally, the CAD Tools feature is now able to retrieve surface colors when importing a Catia file and also takes advantage of a better grouping of surfaces for a better manipulation in virtual reality.

Would you like to try these improvements? Download the new Community version 2020.2.